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Why hello there!

We are Jasper and Hanne, two Belgians who have decided to go on an adventure and blog about it. A simple enough concept. This blog came about as a way for those near and dear to us to follow us down the Pan-Am, involve them in the journey and hopefully make them dream. It also came about, we have to be honest here, as a motivation for us to actually take pictures and make videos. Many a trip we've been on and come back only to realise we have no pictures to help jog our memory in ten years time. What you'll find on here are blogs and vlogs about the journey, the people we meet and the sights we see. We'll also be answering your burning questions like; where will you sleep, what hurts the most after a day of riding, do you prefer beer or wine and would you rather cook with a bear or macramé with a serial killer? In a nutshell, exciting stuff! We hope you have fun trailing us!

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