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This website is an ongoing answer to that question!

While it is actually an existing network of roads, connecting Prudhoe Bay in the North with Ushuaia all the way in the South, we are using more the idea of the Pan-American Highway. Going from country to country, crossing borders in a southerly direction. As you can see on our map on the Destinations page, we are definitely not taking the straightest route down. The actual highway is about 30,000 kilometres in length but, at the time of writing, we are only in Guatemala and have already done 22,000km. 

Actually, like the naughty children in a fairytale, most people that travel along the Pan-Am choose to stray from the path. The route you take depends entirely on the amount of time you have. Some like their Pan-Am straight and fast, some zig-zaggy, some loopey and some even like it never ending. And you? How do you like your Pan-Am?

Before we left we were most excited about Mexico and Colombia. Most people that have travelled along the Pan-Am have named those two as their absolute favourite and a lot of our friends that have travelled there have given nothing but praise. While we did indeed love Mexico and ended up staying there nearly two months instead of the planned one month (we haven’t got to Colombia yet), I really do feel this is a question with an ongoing answer.

There have been places we happened upon that have become absolute highlights of our trip but we didn’t initially plan to visit. Or the people we met ended up making a particular place special without anticipating that place to be a highlight.

An example of the former is the Royal Tyrrell Museum… I had forgotten that one of the foremost Palaeontological research centres and museum is in Drumheller in Canada, and that they have one of the most famous T-Rex skeletons there called Black Beauty. Naturally that was something I couldn’t miss out on but hadn’t planned it on our route.

Also, we knew the canyons of the Colorado Plateau were beautiful. We hadn’t expected the breathtaking intensity of the colours or being dumbfounded by their vastness. It is now one of the absolute, must-see before you die, highlights of the Lower 48 to us.

So like I said, I feel like this is a question we’ll answer in full towards the end of the journey. Maybe we can devote a proper blog post to it.

We have an amendment. Though three to four days is still our maximum, now in Mexico our frequency has changed. Because we aren’t wild camping as much and it is so humid and hot, we shower most if not every day.

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