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Anchorage, Alaska

149°58'49"W 61°10'48"N

Where we arrived, unpacked our bikes, and after last minute adjustments set off on our journey.

Leuven, Belgium

4°42'4"E 50°52'45"N

Where the plan was hatched!

Dawson City,  Canada

139°26'12"W 64° 3'43"N

Dawson City, famous as the centre of the Canadian gold rush. After riding the gravely Top of the World Highway it was a great place to wind down.

Watson Lake,  Canada

128°42'45"W 60° 3'48"N

Where we had one last easy morning before Jasper's engine trouble started.

Somewhere along Highway 40,  Canada

144°28'1"W 50° 8'20"N

Went for a joy ride, met some mud, ended up with The Big Push.

Guanajuato, Mexico

101°15'26"W 21°01'08"N

Where we spend a couple of days exploring this vibrant, colourful student city. Discovered a lot about Don Quijote and had incredibly delicious ice cream.

Yellowstone, Wyoming

110°30'02"W 44°18'22"N

Where we visited this park with the insane but beautiful nature and did our first tire change.

Moab, Utah

109°32'57"W 38°24'20"N

Where we fell in love with the deep red canyons and had some amazingly beautiful rides.

Las Vegas, Nevada

115°02'25"W 36° 14'37"N

Where we met up with old friends and saw the craziness that is The Strip

Rancho La Bellota, Baja California

116°27'42"W 32°09'27"N

Where we had the best introduction to Mexico imaginable and learned what real Tequila should taste like.

La Paz, Baja California Sur

110°18'45"W 24°08'33"N

Where we had a great last evening on the peninsula and took the ferry to Topolobampo.

Sierra Gorda, Mexico

98°59'31"W 21°23'03"N

Where we ended up after our lovely host Joel suggested riding through it. Miles and miles of wonderfully twisty roads met us there!

Antigua, Guatemala

90°43'59"W 14°33'26"N

Where we spent a relax time exploring the city and visited a nearby volcano at dusk to gaze into its lava flow!

León, Nicaragua

12°25'54"N 86°52'20"W

Where we were guided round the Museo de la Revolución Marcelo, an amazing experience, and where we spent some time enjoying the company of fellow overland travellers!

Oaxaca, Mexico

17°07'40"N 96°43'34"N

Where we walked through the city's colourful streets and visited the impressive Monte Alban ruins!

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